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How to solve missing shutdown button in Windows 7

Several weeks ago, while i've got preparation during National Exam for Indonesian Vocational High School. I've got some of my computers client had been missing their shutdown button, the option left has just for logging of. So when my student want to shutting down the computer. They made it hardly by using power button at the case. 

FYI, pressing the power button for shutting down the PC will cause several hardware problems, mostly at hardisk and memory. I still don't know why shutdown button had gone from my start menu. I assume like most of you still wandering why the button dissapearred.

I think, there are two possible reason, first is malfunction of system and the second the PC was hijacked by an untrusted software which downloaded while we surfing on the internet. But, let the reason go, we need the solution for now.

Ok, now how to solve missing shutdown button in Windows 7?

First you can use a run command in the start menu and type "gpedit.msc" It is a local program for windows system policy. Now, you may go to User Configuration - Administrative Templates -Start Menu & Taskbar. Search for "Remove and prevent access to Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate Command"

Double click for the option, and make sure you make the choice disabled was selected. If you had select the disabled and saved the configuration. Congratulation, your shutdown button has been reappeared again and your case was solved.

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