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Vocational High School Competency Qualification Exam National 2016

Today, my student get a final exam of their study during three years in vocational high school. The exam is practical exam called Competency Qualification Exam. It is hold for a week, and for this year we hold it in four days of practical exam.

At the exam, student asked to made a Wordpress CMS site which hosted in a Linux server. Their competency measured by some technical indicator and requirement for live the site up. They need to setup an Wordpress site in a Debian Server, and accessed using laptop with Windows Operating System.

The exam was not only for testing their configuring skill as system administrator, but as network engineer they asked to draw the topology, crimping UTP cable and install equipment which they needed to build the server.

After they install the hardware, then they start to configure the server. First of all, they will giving the server IP in two interface, eth0 as connection to router/internet, and eth1 as connection to windows client. For setup an wordpress site, they have to install an apache web server, phpmyadmin, mysql database and bind as DNS server, for uploading wordpress file, they asked to upload it using SSH from client. 

Fourty one students has been tested and join in exam, most of them still have a lack of knowledge when they got troublesome in configuring the server. Some of them didn't carefull when writing the code, and got some missing character so their configuration still made error. Some else got problems when their dns resetted as side effect using dhcp client from router.

This is the last day of the exam, but several student still unmatch with our competency indicator. I still don't decide are they needed to got remidial exam, or I'll give them a homework to raised their grades.

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