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Arduino Books; Getting Started With Arduino

Getting Started With Arduino was written by co-Founder of Arduino, Massimo Banzi in 2009. Banzi wrote this books to giving an introduction to people who want to learn hardware programming using Arduino. As we know, Arduino now is well knowed as on of most popular development board which used by peoples from across industry. From electronical engineer until elementary and junior student.

Their compact and standarized board and community support around the world made Arduino is most liked development board. Here is some reason why Arduino was liked by many peoples.

Arduino was developed from atmel atmega, one of the famous microcontroller family from Atmel. When you want to programming the IC's you can use assembly language, or high level language such C or Basic. But, not all people who want to learning the program have knowledge to assembling the microcontroller parts, you have to made your development board, installing and connecting hardware such as input or output device.In Arduino, output and input made simplicity by an expansion board called shield with standar form factor, you can buy input shield, or output shield, or if you can made it byself, you can do it too. And, you ain't needed any IC downloader separated. 

When others dont give attention about supporting board, Arduino made it for their user. So the new user can focused their learning in Arduino programming, they don't need to worry how to download the program to the IC, or how to made input /output board.

The second reason, because Arduino developed on an Open Source project, so you can developed your Arduino board self, and you can sell it without any risk. You just cant use Arduino trademark in your board, but you can called it an arduino compatible board. That reason too made many programmer joining to developing this board to become more powerfull.

In the Books, Banzi, you will introduced to Arduino board, there are many varian of them, for beginner, Arduino Uno is the most recommended due to form factor, easy install and his value. After you introduced to the board, you will learn Arduino port and their function, the next you can started your experience by made your very first program.

The book guided you how to program an simple input output system to arduino troubleshooting. You can buy this book and buy an Arduino starter kit to use practicing it for sure.

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