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Writing in English

Long time no see with this blog. I have this blog for several years ago, before I'am turning to Multiply blog platform since 2007 and going selfhosted with Wordpress CMS. For effective communication reason I had redirected all traffic from this blog to my Wordpress blog. So when people want to asking question, I can reply it directly.

Last year, because lack and disinformation of my domain renewal, I had purchase one top level domain again, it is anotherorion.net. But since my dotcom still avaliable and its traffic was wonderfull, so I've got both domain directed to one blog only.

Nowadays, I have thinking about rebuild one of my blog in English. Why turning in English? The stupid reason is I need to rising my Adsense CPC, because Indonesian adsense CPC was really bad this year. I need to do some resolve if I need to made some money from adsense.

Despite adsense is one of my reason for turning blog in English, it is an learning path for me to write post in other language. I have wrote some english article at Triond.com, but like you know, that will not stand too long to gaining visitor, and so my article was spreaded in several blog which I can't even remembered anymore.

So here I'am, writing my very first english post at my old blog. Turning it into new top level domain, and wishes can write some useful article.

I still have no idea of changing this blog into a new niche, or just let it as personal blog as it be. Wish me luck and can write regulary here.

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