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rekor Guiness Baru dari Tepi Barat

Saya ambil dari posting buletin teman saya di Tagged yang berkebangsaan Palestina, yah sedikit memberikan refreshing kita untuk melihat Palestina, coz selama ini kita selalu merasakan ketegangan ketika mendengar Palestina

in Nablus 18/7/2009
A Palestinian company in the northern West Bank city of Nablus has received approval from the Guinness Book of World Records to prepare the largest kunafa in the world.

The plate of the Palestinian delicacy was 75 meters long and two meters wide, and will weigh 1,350 kilograms, according to Muhannad Ar-Rabi, director of the Palestinian Company for Real Estate Development and Construction.

Ar-Rabi added that all the necessary documents from Guinness have been prepared, and that the giant kunafa will be created during the city's annual shopping festival, which will start in mid-July.

He asserted that he began working on that concept long ago, and that the mayor of Nablus, Adli Ya�ish, encouraged the idea. The giant kunafa will be prepared in front of the municipally complex at a cost of about 15,000 US dollars.

The ingredients are as follows:

120 stands to hold the kunafa plate
600 kilograms of white cheese
300 kilograms of sugar
300 kilograms of paste
35 kilograms of pistachios
6 tins of cooking fat

Ar-Rabi added that several Nablus sweets bakeries and other donors will both cover the expenses of the project and prepare the kunafa, which is expected to be enough to feed some 6,000 people.

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