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How to Open Blocked Website using Plugin

In any country, there was an act or law which regulating for internet website access. In United States for example, each of adult sites are restricted to accessed by whose below age 18. In Indonesia or moslem country, it was prohibited to access any porn or gambling sites.

Sometimes, government or regulator was act to seriously to blocking website, so maybe some useful website was blocked too, Like Vimeo.com was one of blocked websites in Indonesia because there were adult content which uploaded their content.

Maybe you don't want to access any negative sites like porn, gambling or others which prohibited by your country's law. But the site was blocked for sure. So here I want to giving you a tips to open blocked website just using a browser plugin.

how to open blocked website free

How to Open Blocked Website without Proxy

This website unblocker plugin  is named Stealthy, using names of an United States spying aircraft, Stealthy will give you redirect access using their proxy list so you can open any blocked website from your government. For Google Chrome's user and Mozilla Firefox you can install this awesome plugins and click the button untill it color turn from red to green. It work like an web proxy free, where you can bypass blocked websites, but running as plugin. You can choose any random proxy from their list, or defined them by the country you want to use, like as I said in the first paragraph, it can open all blocked websites, except if the sites you want to access is down, or the country did you select has same blocked regulations as your country

I had trying the plugin for years and feel so satisfied with the plugin. Very easy to install, easy use and can open any site which blocked by my government regulation. Now it's time for you to trying the plugin

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